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Crafting words and music from the early age of 11, Joy Hanna has inherently found her voice and expression through song, writing about personal highs and lows, delights and disappointments, thrills and fears. Inspired by both legendary singer/songwriters and pop artists of today, Joy’s story-telling is accompanied by acoustic guitar and piano-driven melodies conveyed in both catchy anthems and delicate ballads with subtle nods to country music.

Learning the art of vulnerability first through song, Joy has been compelled to use music to relate to others and share meaningful truth. “I’ve always found it easier to express myself through songwriting. Ironically, it sometimes feels safer to write and sing a song about something I’ve written in my journal than it does to talk to someone about what I’m working through.” 

Joy was actively singing in churches, recording her original songs and touring until she graduated from Liberty University in 2013. After graduating, Joy joined the music staff at her church in the metro DC area, where she worked for two years, during which she recorded her third full length album titled “Set Free,” a compilation of songs written to raise awareness about the issue of modern day slavery and encourage victims of abuse with songs of hope and truth. “Set Free” released in March 2015 and has been distributed to domestic and global anti-trafficking organizations.

During the making of her third album, Joy met her husband Andrew around a bonfire and after their first date knew they were going to get married, which she admitted to no one but her journal (and quickly turned into a song). In 2015, three weeks after getting married, the newly weds dove headfirst into the biggest transition of their lives, moving across the country and starting their journey together in Houston, Texas. No surprise, Joy found inspiration in the highs and lows of her new home, penning a song appropriately titled “Texas Sky;” the third track of her highly anticipated album, “Just You and Me,” releasing September 2019. With howling steel guitar and tasteful violin, the song journeys through various regions around the world and ends with the declaration that “you’re my favorite place.” 

Joy’s songs are personal, yet universal, and with her sweet, vulnerable voice, she taps into emotions we all feel. Speaking about her aspirations for this new album, Joy shares, “In a way, I view this album as a musical scrapbook of our love story that I hope will be cherished by kids one day. But I also hope this collection of songs is a source of beauty to all, regardless of your relationship status. That these intimate love songs, about being known and loved, would ultimately point to the greatest love story of all; the God who made and loves each of us more than we can imagine.”